With the background in jewelry making and blacksmithing, I worked years as a knifemaker making mainly high end custom knives.

Project „Tuuts“ is an attempt to use my experience in the new way. The goal was to design a knife or knives for a small scale production.

After some stumbling and mistakes, with a little help from top chefs, a kitchen knife was born.

It has an asymmetrical blade with a hollow grind in one side and ohter left flat. For an asymmetrical blade an asymmetrical handle comes naturally and here we have it – Tuuts, the radically asymmetrical kitchen knife!

Technical data:

Blade – stainless steel, hollow ground from one side only. Lenght approximately 21 cm (8,2 inches).

Handle – brass, corian and teak. Very asymmetrical!

Tõnu Arrak
+372 5648 7729